We are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology specialists within the library market.

Sybis has unique experience in developing, evaluating and implementing RFID technology, particulary within the library environment. One of the difficulties faced by many libraries today is obtaining independent and expert advice regarding the RFID solutions in the marketplace. Regardless of the current stage your project, or even if you're simply looking for information, we can help bring peace of mind by providing expertise in areas that may be missing from your organisation.

We understand that libraries may want assistance in different phases of their RFID projects and we are able to act as an expert resource at those points where you need it most. You can use us when and where you see fit. Some of the areas in which we can add value include:

  • Training sessions to raise management awareness of the technology
  • Workshops to establish your requirements and success factors
  • Preparation of preliminary budget documents and pricing
  • Development of a robust specification & business case
  • Preparation of RFIs, RFPs and tender documentation
  • Evaluation of solutions against specific requirements
  • Negotiations with vendors
  • Site assessment for optimum equipment location & workflow
  • Implementation strategies and performance contracts
  • Training of staff and public marketing campaigns

We can help you with all or any of these activities to ensure that the project delivers the results you need. We can also assist with RFID strategies that span the entire organisation and include such areas as asset tracking, waste management, warehousing, file management etc. We are based in Melbourne, Australia but are available to support projects through specialist advice and support anywhere in the world.

Contact us to discuss where our expertise and experience can add value to your RFID project...

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