ISO 28560 Compliance Testing Service

With the recent publication of ISO 28560, libraries finally have a strong pathway towards true interoperability as well as a range of new possibilities to gain leverage from RFID tag based information.

To realise the full potential of the new standard's promise, libraries need to be sure that their RFID supplier's implementation of the standard is accurate. Many libraries have expressed a desire for certainty that, before committing to a conversion project, their tag encoding will be fully compliant with the new standard.

At Sybis, we can offer a truly independant and expert remote evaluation of any ISO 28560 RFID tag encoding. Using sophisticated software tools and drawing on many years experience gained during the standard's development, our compliance testing service can provide a library with a high level of confidence that their supplier's encoding is carried out according to to the rules set out in ISO 28560.

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